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Meet the Management Team

We Are Your Marketing Partners in Crime!

We're definitely not your average marketing team – we're a dynamic group of talented and experienced individuals who infuse every project with a burst of creativity, expertise, and a touch of fun. Our team is a vibrant blend of personalities, each with a unique background and set of expertise and experiences, united by a common goal: to create brilliant ideas and develop robust marketing solutions for our clients. 


Monica's vision for the team goes beyond just building a group of talented individuals; she has carefully curated a powerhouse of experts handpicked from her extensive network built over years of experience. Each member brings a distinct skill set and perspective to the table, resulting in a collaborative environment where innovative ideas flourish and boundaries are constantly pushed. Together, we not only deliver exceptional results but also foster a culture of continuous learning and growth, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of marketing trends and strategies.

While we approach our work with dedication, we also understand the importance of enjoying the journey. Laughter and enthusiasm drive our collaborations, as we firmly believe that inspiration thrives in a joyful and fun environment.

Partnering with us guarantees an enjoyable, productive, and unique experience, where our passion, creativity, and commitment to marketing results will leave you impressed and wowed!  Working with us isn't just about achieving incredible outcomes – it's about embarking on an unforgettable, results-driven journey together! In the end, we win and celebrate together our successes! We can't wait work with your business!


Monica Housewright

Founder & Owner


Jennifer Blanton

SEO/Digital Director

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Terry Brown

VP of Marketing


Michelle Hammond

Art Director


Melissa Lunney

Marketing Director

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Victoria Olsen

Account Executive Lead

Elevate & Grow Your Business with Housewright Marketing

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